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Entertainment Express: Lollapalooza, P Diddy, Madonna, Coldplay, Rosemary’s Baby

Hello from a still-cold New York. Will it ever end…

* It’s one of the biggest music fests around (and still on my bucket list) – Lollapalooza has announced its lineup for August. Recent Brit winners Arctic Monkeys, Eminem, Kings of Leon, Outkast and Skrillex will headline, while the rest of the players can be found here

* While the gossip mags are looking into the intricate details of the split between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin’s band Coldplay are preparing to release their new album, Ghost Stories. They played the album at an intimate gig in LA the other night. First single Magic is quite a gem, even if the words now, in hindsight, seem extra poignant.

* It seems Madonna has found her next movie to direct – a debut novel written by the daughter of Alice Walker, Rebecca. Called Ade: A Love Story, the film will be based on the relationship between a young college student and a Swahili man, set against a civil-war stricken Kenya.

* P Diddy is dropping a new video next week ahead of his first album in about 4 years. But the thing that’s had people talking is he’s going back to his former moniker of Puff Daddy – a persona he says he’s always been. Either way, if you’re a Diddy fan, keep an eye out for the video next Monday.

* Blink and you’ll miss it – as I clearly did when it came out on Monday – but there’s a 10-second promo of the new Rosemary’s Baby miniseries online. The series has been adapted from Roman Polanski’s 1968 film, this time set in Paris, not NYC, and stars Zoe Saldanha in the lead role. It’ll air in the Summer. Ah, Summer…



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