The Rundown

Entertainment Express: Led Zeppelin, Twilight, Richard Gere, Tom Petty, Beyonce


* The remaining members of Led Zeppelin were in New York on Tuesday to give a press conference (in which they tried to dodge reunion questions) , and premiere their concert movie, Celebration Day.

* Cementing a year that looks set to culminate in an Oscar nod for his performance in Arbitrage, Richard Gere will be honoured with a Hollywood Career Achievement Award in a few weeks.

* As part of a global publicity tour, the Twilight stars will head to various countries around the world this month – Robert Pattinson heads to Australia, Kristen Stewart to Japan, Taylor Lautner to Brazil + Kellan Lutz & Nikki Reed head to Scotland & Ireland, while Ashley Greene gets to go to South Africa – lucky gal!

* In the market for a new car? Tom Petty is auctioning off his favourite convertible in aid of MSF.

* The remake of Clint Eastwood’s A Star is Born has stalled with the news that Beyonce, who was set to play the role made famous by Barbara Streisand, will not be featuring in the movie.

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