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Entertainment Express: Lauryn Hill, Yasiin Bey, The World’s End, Sharlto Copley, Oscar De La Renta


* It’s sad that it’s come to this: Lauryn Hill has started her time behind bars for tax evasion. The Grammy-winning singer, and mother of 6, began a 3-month stint in a Connecticut federal prison on Monday for failing to pay almost $2 million in taxes.

* It’s a hard video to watch, but Yasiin Bey, more well known as Mos Def, demonstrates what it’s like to be force-fed, according to ‘standard procedure’ at Guantanamo Bay. The socially-conscious and politically-minded emcee teamed up with UK-based human rights group Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia to produce the video, which has got everyone talking.

* Things have been good for the District 9 camp. Neill Blomkamp‘s follow-up Elysium comes out next month, and he and Sharlto Copley are already well onto their next adventures. Blomkamp apparently has his eye on Dev Patel for his  film, Chappie. Copley on the other hand – well, there’s no stopping him: Oldboy, Europa Report, Open Grave and Maleficent are all in different stages of release, but helping to keep his star rising.

* Reviews for The World’s End are out. The British film – the last in the trilogy by Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg celebrating that nation’s brand of humour – was screened in the UK on Monday, leading to positive reviews and more Cornetto jokes.

* Hillary Clinton has opened an exhibition of Oscar de la Renta‘s work – the designer who created her pantsuit outfit when she was sworn in as a senator. De la Renta’s on a role – last month he picked up Council of Fashion Designers of America’s highest honor, which was presented to him by Clinton too.

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