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Entertainment Express: Lady Gaga, Breaking Bad, Oprah, Alexander McQueen


Hello from NYC – and congrats to George Lucas, who’s has welcomed a new baby into the world, Everest Hobson Lucas!

* Lady Gaga declared a “pop emergency”, which must be what happens when two pop-stars in danger of having their new singles leak on the ‘net, use the publicity buoy to release said songs earlier. We got Roar from Katy this past weekend, and on Monday came the fan-adoring Applause, from Gaga’s stable.

* The figures are in – as you know, it’s all about the numbers – and Breaking Bad pulled in just shy of 6 million viewers for Sunday night’s episode, which is almost double the final season’s premiere in July last year. And there’s a Spanish version of the show in the pipeline.

* The stars of the movie The Butler came out for its premiere on Monday night, during which Oprah said on the red carpet she doesn’t expect an apology for the incident in Switzerland, where she was denied the chance to buy a $38 000 designer bag from a luxury shop. The tycoon, who earned an estimated $77 million over the past year, says the incident highlights racism – an issue explored in the film, which comes out on Friday in the US.

* Alexander McQueen celebrates 10 years of their skull-print scarf by collaborating with Damien Hirst. The British artist will create 30 designs based on the iconic piece and he’ll combine the original motif with his own Entomology series of colourful insects to create kaleidoscopic artwork.

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