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Entertainment Express: Kanye West, Dustin Hoffman, Elton John, George Clooney


* Kanye West has been working – for 5 months, he says – on a music video for Black Skinheads, but an unfinished version surfaced on Tuesday. In typical Kanye fashion he tweeted for websites to take it down until it’s actually ready. In typical internet fashion, most of them haven’t.

* Poor Sir Elton John has been suffering from appendicitis and so has had to cancel several of his shows, including a massive performance at London’s Hyde Park, to undergo surgery. Meanwhile, 72-year-old opera star Placido Domingo is in hospital in Spain, being treated for a blood clot. Speedy recoveries to both!

* A video from the AFI archives, posted in December last year has made Dustin Hoffman even more beloved than he already is. The clip is of an “a-ha moment” the Oscar-winning actor had while talking about how preparing for the role of Tootsie gave him a deep insight into how he views women. In case you missed it, as they say, it’s here.

* Newly single again, George Clooney will receive BAFTA’s Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film, which he’ll get to pick up at a ceremony in November. BAFTA says Clooney’s work has  “captivated audiences from all corners of the globe.” From ER to the world!


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