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Entertainment Express: Hugh Jackman, NY Film Critics Circle Awards, Jane Campion, Queen Latifah, Ellie Goulding


Hello from deep inside the polar vortex, the North Pole’s late Christmas gift to the US. No really, you shouldn’t have…

* After a good ol’ safari, Hugh Jackman has gone back to work and has begun shooting his first day of Chappie, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s latest movie, in which he plays a mullet-brandishing character named Vincent.

* The NY Film Critics Circle handed out its prizes for the top films and performances of the past year on Monday night. It was meant to be a fairly breezy night for the previously-announced winners – among them Robert Redford (best actor), Cate Blanchett (best actress), American Hustle (best film), but when best director Steve McQueen went up to collect his award for 12 Years a Slave, one of the critics heckled him – very poor form, indeed.

* She’s the only woman to have won a Palme d’Or, the Cannes Film Festival’s top prize, and in May this year, New Zealand director Jane Campion will head the jury that decides who’ll win the accolade this year.

* Queen Latifah‘s talk show has been renewed for a second season – a good sign the comedian and actress is fairing a lot better at the gig than her first attempt in the late 90s. In somewhat related news, SNL has added Sasheer Zamata to the cast of Saturday Night Live, making her the first African-American woman to join the team in six years.

* British singer Ellie Goulding – a favourite of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton – will have you feeling all warm and disco-fuzzy with the video for her new song, Goodness Gracious.

Pic: @therealhughjackman


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