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Entertainment Express: Harold Ramis, Seth Myers, Disney, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hello from sunny Los Angeles, where it’s Oscar week!

* Fans, co-stars and even President Barack Obama have been paying tribute to Harold Ramis, who died on Monday after battling a rare autoimmune disease. Ramis will perhaps most fondly be remembered as Egor Spengler in Ghostbusters, although his contribution to comedy on the big screen goes beyond that.

* Following Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show debut last week, Seth Myers took  over the Late Night reigns, with guests VP Joe Biden and Amy Poehler, and Fred Armisen leading the new backing band. All eyes will be on his debut week, as this new era in American TV begins.

* Walt Disney Studios has unveiled a new service, called Disney Movies Anywhere, which will allow you to pay for one of its movies and have access to it on any device. It’s a tie-in with Apple, which is meant to encourage more people to buy digital movies, and not just rent them.

* California’s Haim have released a new video for their single, If I Could Change Your Mind, with a retro, 80s-feel to it that’s simply great.

* The soundtrack to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, by film composer extraordinaire Alexandre Desplat is now streaming on Pitchfork. Happy Tuesday!

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