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Entertainment Express: Guardians of the Galaxy, Emmys, Pharrell Williams, American Horror Story: Freak Show, Action Bronson

* The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack has spent a second week at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. Just goes to show how cool ‘ol skool’ really is, seeing as the songs are all 80s classics. As Keith Caulfield over at Billboard notes, it’s been a good year for soundtracks as they’ve topped the chart for 15 weeks – with Frozen contributing to the mix. I do love a good soundtrack! Speaking of which, I finally heard the one from Middle of Nowhere last night, featuring Fink and Goapele.

* With the Emmys a few days away, the producers of the ceremony say they will be paying tribute to the late Robin Williams during the show. In a sad twist of poignancy, Williams last year delivered the tribute to humorist Jonthan Winters. Bill Crystal, Williams’ friend and fellow famed comedian will be the one doing the commemorating. Williams won 2 Emmys during his career, but was nominated for 8 more. Word has also come that his ashes were scattered over the San Francisco Bay a few days ago.

* The Vivienne Westwood hat Pharrell Williams bought one day and decided to wear to the Grammys will go on display at the Newseum in Washington DC from today until the 26th of October. Six months after it trended online, Pharrell’s Hat has been curated for the museum to show the intersection of news, celebrity and social media. It’s been loaned to the museum by Arby’s, the company that bid over $44 000 to own it, after noticing the striking resemblance to their logo. There is still life left in that hat!

* It’s just a tiny tidbit – ever so small – but a teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show is out. Admit One, indeed. The circus-themed series is due to air on October 8. Reasons to be excited about this new season? Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett are reason enough to watch this multiple-Emmy nominated horror show.

* In Action Bronson’s version of the film Easy Rider, the Queens-born rapper is the one riding his Harley into the sunset and taking on 20 men in a bar no problem. At least in the music video for his new single of the same name, he can make that version come to life.


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