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Entertainment Express: Gravity, Fiona Apple, Andre 3000, Creed, Magic Mike


* A new trailer for the movie Gravity leaves us gasping, as we watch Sandra Bullock’s astronaut character drift away into space. The film is due out in October, but it’s another one that will make its debut at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

* One of the other anticipated movies making its debut at TIFF is All is By My Side in which Andre 3000, aka Andre Benjamin, channels Jimi Hendrix. An official pic from the unofficial biopic makes it look like Andre does a convincing job. 

* Rocky fans rejoice! A new film in the saga is coming, but it’s set to have the ace Fruitvale director/actor team of Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan behind it. Coogler is to direct Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed, a followup about the grandson of Apollo Creed from the saga.

* Fiona Apple likes to do things in her own time, which is why we are getting the video for Hot Knife now, a year after the release of The Idler Wheel…. No matter though, because it’s ably directed by her ex, Oscar-nominated Paul Thomas Anderson.

* There were murmurs it would happen and now it is confirmed. Magic Mike, Channing Tatum’s little striptease film that could, is heading to Broadway, with, it seems, a heavyweight team behind the seams, I mean, scenes.

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