The Rundown

Entertainment Express: Global Festival, Homeland, George Michael, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Little One


* The Global Festival, where Kn’aan, Foo Fighters, Neil Young & Crazy Horse performed, made history as the largest syndicated music charity webcast and broadcast this past weekend.

* After scoring 6 Emmys last weekend, season 2 of Homeland debuted in the US last night, and it looks like it’s still going to keep viewers hooked.

* George Michael has had to cancel his Australian tour to seek treatment for anxiety, following his recent scare with pneumonia.

* Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals the secrets behind his politics, action movies and the double life he led, in his new biography called Total Recall.

* Countries around the world are submitting their entries for consideration in the Best Foreign Language category for next year’s Oscars. South Africa’s film for selection is Darrell Roodt’s Little One.

Pic: Kevin Mazur

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