The Rundown

Entertainment Express: Frozen, Jameson Empire Awards, HIMYM, The Walking Dead, Lady Gaga

Hello from New York, where we are receiving a batch of snow and sleet for this new week. Spring??

* It’s fitting, then, to start with the news that Frozen has become the biggest animated film of all time. Since it premiered in November, the flick has consistently made headlines. With its opening in Japan this weekend, Frozen has pushed Toy Story 3 off the top spot, earning more than $1 billion at the box office. As an aside, another animated film, The Lego Movie, also reached a milestone: it’s become the first film in 2014 to rake in $400 million globally.

* That wonderful movie magazine, tinged with British humour, Empire celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The mag honoured Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more, with its annual accolades, the Jameson Empire Awards.

* The Walking Dead ended its fourth season on Sunday night, with an episode entitled A, full of questions that remain to be answered when the next season starts up again in October.

* Meanwhile, How I Met Your Mother wraps up its final episode EVER tonight. Kids, it’s been a long journey – 9 years exactly, to find out how Ted met the Mother. Let’s hope it’s Legen – wait for it - dary.

* Lady Gaga celebrated her 28th birthday on Friday with the first of her 8-night residency at The Roseland Ballroom, as a send-off to the iconic NYC venue. It was fun to see her do ‘old’ tracks like Just Dance, alongside her Artpop ditties.

** And just for your Monday pleasure, in case you missed it, Bill Murray sang kareoke this past weekend. Thank you, Internet.

[Pic: Disney]


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