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Entertainment Express: Elysium, Brad Paisley & LL Cool J, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Webby Awards, Daft Punk


* Finally – a trailer has been released for the sophomore film from Neill Blomkamp, revealing a bit more about the sci-fi story-line, which has an all-too close resonance back on Earth. Elysium is the follow-up to 2009’s Oscar-nominated District 9, the little movie backed by a big-name producer, Peter Jackson, that introduced the world to prawns and Sharlto Copley.

* Jay-Z and Beyonce have been getting much flak for their recent trip to Cuba where they celebrated their fifth anniversary. Questions were raised over the nature of the trip – because of the US embargo on Cuba, Americans are prohibited from taking vacations to the communist country. But it’s been ruled by the US Treasury as authorized, and part of a program that encourages “meaningful contacts” with the Cuban people.

* Another couple getting flak is the unlikely duo of country singer Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J who teamed up for a song that they say was meant to address racism in America. Its lyrics have been mostly ill-received online, and Accidental Racist just doesn’t seem to have worked out quite the way the artists say they intended. A case of good intentions, bad execution?

* Nike, Google and the New York Times dominate this year’s Webby Award nominations, handed out by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences but there is still a whole list of other remarkable nominees to check out, including Humans of New York and The Space – an incredible realm for the arts.

* The rumours about Daft Punk playing last month’s SXSW reached an all time frenzy at one point, with fans waiting on the steps of the Capitol Building all night just in case the duo did show up. But rather than play that festival, or this weekend’s Coachella, the Frenchmen will be debuting music from one of them most hotly anticipated albums of the year, Random Access Memories, at an Australian agricultural show. If anyone can make cotton and sheep-shearing cool, it’s Daft Punk.

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