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Entertainment Express: Doctor Who, Maltese Falcon, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, International Emmys


Hello movie lovers and art collectors and Whovians, and well, everyone…

* It’s not just art that’s been fetching high prices these days, a prop from The Maltese Falcon just did too. A black bird figurine that made its film debut alongside Humphrey Bogart in the classic 1941 detective thriller reached over $4 million dollars at an auction in New York on Monday.

* The Day of the Doctor, a worldwide simultaneous airing of Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary episode was always going to be a hit in the UK, but ratings for BBC America show it was one State-side too, picking up 2.4 million viewers, a record for the channel.

* Bruce Springsteen‘s ensuring 2014 starts off on a busy note – not only is he heading to South Africa for the first time, but he’ll be releasing a new studio album, his 18th one. Called High Hopes, it’s said to feature new songs and covers, like the title track.

* You’ll no doubt have seen the parody ad of the Beastie Boys track Girls that turns the lyrics on their disempowered head. The video is currently in dispute after the toy company behind the ad filed a preemptive lawsuit against the rappers, before they could sue them for copyright infringement. Beastie Boys don’t want their music used in adverts, something that was expressly part of the late MCA’s will.

* Bridesmaids’ Chris O’Dowd and Game of Thrones Sean Bean were among the winners at the International Emmys.


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