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Entertainment Express: Dennis Farina, Royal Blue, The Conjuring, Kelly Rowland, Man Booker


* Cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina died on Monday after suffering a blood clot in his lung. The 69-year old actor starred in the TV show Law & Order for two seasons, and also featured in films like Midnight Run and Get Shorty.

* “It’s a boy!” reverberated around the world on Monday, when the announcement of the Royal Birth was made. There may have been an olden-day town crier outside the London hospital where the birth took place, but today’s town-crier, Twitter, registered 2 million mentions, with 25 300 tweets per minute at its peak.

* Big blockbusters may not be winning the Summer box office, but low-budget horror films are. The Conjuring is still holding strong, having won the weekend crowd. Made for about $20 million, it’s already brought in double that and more, and continues to scare audiences into the cinemas.

* After being rescued from a boat lost out at sea in real life, Kelly Rowland puts herself in a pool of water as she gets very personal in the music video for Dirty Laundrythe confessional about her friendship with Beyonce and an abusive relationship.

* Authors from Britain, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Ireland make up the Man Booker Prize Longlist. With 7 of the 13 authors being women and three debut authors at that, the list is being called the most diverse in the prize’ history.

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