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Entertainment Express: Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Radcliffe, Slipnot, Chris Ofili, Mercury Prize

Hello from the Halloween-awaitin’, NYC Marathon-anticipatin’ Big Apple.

* Following on from the news of Marvel’s upcoming slate this week, I’m thrilled that actor Chadwick Boseman is already getting a lot more attention, upon being announced as the character of Black Panther. From playing Jackie Robinson to James Brown, Boseman is one talented fella and I can’t wait to see what he does with the part. Such is the confidence in him that he’s signed a 5-picture deal.

* Daniel Radcliffe is impressive in many ways, this much we know of the once-boy wizard. But his rapping skills are totally off the hook in this Jimmy Fallon video. It deserves to be shared over and over – and it has, over 8 million times. Oh, and his new movie, Horns, releases in the US this weekend.

* Slipknot has, er, quietly debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200 chart with their newest offering 5: The Gray Chapter. This is, however, before the release of the latest album from commercially-proclaimed new “ambassador of New York” Taylor Swift. There are projections that 1989 will push around a million copies in the first week.

* British artist Chris Ofili is presenting his first major US solo exhibition in New York – with and without elephant dung. I went to see the series, called Night and Day.

* The Barclaycard Mercury Prize was awarded in London on Wednesday night – hip hop trio from Ediburgh Young Fathers took home the night’s coveted prize for Album of the Year, over more well-known artists like FKA Twigs and Dave Albarn. The win presents an opportunity for more people, myself included, to get to know their music a little better, but most of the Internet has used the opportunity to talk about how unhappy they looked winning the prize. Gah.


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