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Entertainment Express: Bob Hoskins, Jerry Seinfeld, Happy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baz Luhrmann


Happy First of May! Here’s a cover of The Smith’s This Charming Man for your pleasure.

* Whether you loved him in Who Framed Roger Rabbit or in Hook or in Mermaids, Wednesday was a sad one for fans of Bob Hoskins – the British actor died in the UK, after suffering from a bout of pneumonia. Here, Helen Mirren and others pay tribute to him.

* It was Jerry Seinfeld‘s 60 birthday on Tuesday, and very nice for him, his online show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has been renewed for 4 more seasons. Getting to celebrate the 3 things you love for another couple of years is not a bad present, I say.

* Pharrell Williams has told Howard Stern that his smash-hit Happy was originally recorded by Cee Lo Green, but the ‘powers that be’ decided the Gnarls Barkley singer needed to focus on his own album instead. Perhaps also, it would’ve been deemed an ironic situation for Green to be singing about being happy while going to court on charges that he spiked a woman’s drink.

* There’s a new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which gives a better look at the foursome, who still look a little fearsome, but perhaps it just takes getting a little used to. We also see Megan Fox, William Fichnter and Will Arnett, who also star in the film, which is due out in August.

* Done with The Great Gatsby, Baz Lurhmann is now turning his sights to another man who left an indelible mark on history – albeit in a more non-fictional way – Elvis. Word is, the Australian director, who’s been working on some TV projects at the moment, will take on a biopic about the hip-swinging, history-shaking icon. If that does happen, we can look surely forward to his Oscar-winning wife Catherine Martin creating the costumes.



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