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Entertainment Express: BBC, Matilda, Psy, Wu Tang Clan, Jamie Foxx


* The BBC has yet to decide if it will censor its Radio 1 chart countdown on Sunday by not playing the song Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, from The Wizard of Oz, which has been climbing up the charts following the death of Margaret Thatcher, as a result of a push by anti-Thatcher campaigners.

* It’s being hailed as the “best family musical in years” – one that still manages to leave audiences on the edge of their seats, a la Homeland – the debut of the British production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda has won over American critics on Broadway. The West End show broke records last year, winning 7 Olivier Awards, and is up for more honours this year.

* It’s hard to ignore Psy when he took over the internet, earning more than a billion views for Gangnam Style video. As tensions over North Korea’s nuclear capacities rise, the South Korean entertainer has released his new single, Gentelman – with an online concert to follow this weekend. Naturally.

* In more exciting music news, Wu Tang Clan’s new album will be titled A Better Tomorrow. The group will be playing a pair of 20th anniversary shows in the UK, and the album is due out in July. In the meantime, Ghostface Killah’s epic hip-hoperatic album with film composer Adrian Younge is a must-listen.

* *Oscar/Grammy/BAFTA/SAG/Golden Globe-winning actorJamie Foxx will add another award to his mantlepiece this weekend. According to the once music-video-showing channel, Foxx will be given the MTV Generation award at the MTV Movie Awards in LA this weekend, where he’s also up for 4 trophies.

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