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Entertainment Express: Banksy, Charlie Hunnam, NYFF, The Walking Dead


Hello from New York!

* The one time I didn’t go running in Central Park, Banksy decided to set up a stall there and have a man sell his works for $60, as part of his Better Out Than In¬†street exhibition. The question is, would I have believed they were real Banksys and not imitations, like so many are. Only 8 artworks were sold in the 6 hours the stall was up.

* The producers of the¬†Fifty Shades of Grey movie have had to go back to the proverbial drawing board after Charlie Hunnam revealed he’s dropped out of the film. His people say it was because of his TV schedule, shooting Sons of Anarchy, but sources over at THR, say it’s because he got cold feet.

* The New York Film Festival came to a close with the premiere of Spike Jonze’s wonderful film, Her. Starring Joaquin Phoenix and the voice of Scarlett Johannsson, the movie is a great take on the lives we live immersed in technology.

* The Walking Dead made its return to TV on Sunday, for a 4th season, this time under a new showrunner, Scott Gimple. He’ll guide who lives and who doesn’t as the walkers continue to harass Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and the crew.

Pic: www.banksy.co.uk

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