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Entertainment Express: Avatar, Drew Barrymore, Roger Ebert, Country Music Awards, Mad Men


* In exciting Film Development News, James Cameron’s Avatar sequels will use underwater performance capture techniques to take the story to the next level. Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau revealed more insight into this move during a keynote conversation at the NAB Technology Summit this past weekend. The sequels are due to release in 2014 and 2015, so we’ll see then how it all turns out, below-sea level.

* Drew Barrymore is preparing to reunite with Adam Sandler, for their first movie together in 10 years, which – no surprise – is a romantic comedy. What is surprising is that they’re heading to Sun City in South Africa to film it next month, according the the Wall Street Journal, because their characters will go on a safari. Here’s hoping we are spared an Adam-in-a-lion’s-mouth skit of sorts.

* Roger Ebert, the acclaimed film critic who died late last week after a long battle with cancer, will be laid to rest on Monday, while a memorial is set for Thursday.

* Singer Miranda Lambert was crowned queen of the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, picking up 4 awards, while rising star Luke Bryan scored entertainer of the year.

* After almost a year, the new season of Mad Men began on Sunday, and with it what looks to be the start of Don Draper’s slow descent into his latest existential crisis too. 


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