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Entertainment Express: Arrested Development, The Great Gatsby, Seth Meyers, Barbara Walters, Daft Punk, SAMAs

The Great Gatsby (Pic: Warner Bros)

* The Great Gatsby opened strong at the box office this weekend, showing that a film directed by an auteur like Baz Luhrmann can go head-to-head with a major blockbuster like Iron Man 3. The film wasn’t strong enough to beat Tony Stark, but it did open to a swinging $51.1 million in North America. The cast will help the film make its European entrance at Cannes this week. I, personally, Cannes-not wait! (I know, but I couldn’t resist…)

* It’s been one of the most anticipated TV returns – even though it’s not actually returning to TV. In less than two weeks, Arrested Development will hit Netflix, and in anticipation, a trailer has been released to keep the hype building for the forthcoming 15 episodes.

* In more TV news, Seth Meyers has been confirmed as the man taking over from Jimmy Fallon, when he moves into the earlier slot next year. Meanwhile, it’s being reported long-time talk-show host Barbara Walters will announce her retirement on Monday. ‘Tis certainly the end of era in American TV – and the late-night shuffles also signal a new one on that front.

* It’s always a good Monday when there is Daft Punk news – even though the duo have said they have no plans to tour on the back of Random Access Memories. They have, however, released a little more tease in this new video – where the Robots unpack their new album and give us a few seconds of the opening track, Give Life Back to Music.

* It was a big weekend for the South African music industry – awards for the top artists of the past year were handed out at the annual SA Music Awards, the country’s version of the Grammys. The full list is here, but great to see the spunky pop star Toya Delazy and Motswako master Khuli Chana both took home 3 awards each from Saturday night’s ceremony.

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