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Entertainment Express: American Psycho, Carrie, CBGB, Huading Awards, Versace


After Monday’s tornado-watch, it’s back to sunshine and smiles today. Well, mostly…

* Time-warping it back to the ’70s, this year’s CBGB Music and Film Festival kicks off tonight with the premiere of the movie CBGBAlan Rickman, Ashley Greene, Rupert Grint and the rest of cast are expected to attend the screening, which shows how the venue became the birthplace of American indie & punk.

* Matt Smith, aka He Who Used to Be Dr Who, will be taking on the role of yuppie banker Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, a ‘musical thriller’ based-on-the-film-based-on-the-book being staged in London.

* A Versace collection based on Versace knock-offs? That’s the idea behind M.I.A‘s collection for the Italian design house. The Sri Lankan-British recording artist, who studied art and design at the late Alexander McQueen’s alma mater, put together a range for Versace Versus, which will come out next Wednesday.

* Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman have been named has been named Best Global Actor and Actress in Motion Pictures at China’s Huading Awards on Monday night. The ceremony also honoured the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Downton Abbey.

* Forget watching the trailer for the upcoming remake of Carrie, the video of a ‘telekinetic’ prank played on a coffee shop in New York has gone viral.

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