The Rundown

Entertainment Express: 5 Pointz, Outkast, Monty Python, Bob Dylan, Patton Oswalt



Back in the Big Apple and sad to see what’s happened to a vibrant city site…

* Overnight, the pieces on New York’s street art mecca 5 Pointz were painted over white. Petitions and rallies couldn’t save what should have been preserved as a landmark. Instead, condos will be built where a piece of history once stood.

* Could it really be true? Big Boi and Andre 3000 are in talks to get back together as Outkast and perform a few shows next year. Hey Ya!

* In more reuniting news, the cast of Monty Python is expected to make an announcement on Thursday about performing together again for some live shows.

* It’s taken a few years (okay, 50) but Bob Dylan has finally released a music video for his classic recording Like A Rolling Stonewhich is fit for the times now, with its interactivity.

* Comic actor Patton Oswalt, who’s also been dubbed a social media personality (he is a hoot to follow on Twitter) will host next year’s Independent Spirit Awards.

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