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The clock on the wall of the Four Seasons here in Beverly Hills reads 2:28pm, but the one on my laptop says 12:28am. I haven’t brought myself to change it yet. I think it’s because I feel like I need to know – at all times – what time it is in South Africa. It does nothing for my sanity as I feel like I am constantly running on two clocks in my mind!

Matters of the mind have been top of conversation here at the Four Seasons, where I’ve just wrapped up TV interviews with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart for their new movie Rabbit Hole. I also had the chance to speak to director John Cameron Mitchell – he of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus fame. His latest offering sees him direct the Oscar-winning Kidman alongside the Golden-Globe-nominated Eckhart as parents in a tale of grief and loss. It’s a heart-wrenching film to watch – even if you don’t have children.

Perhaps not the best poster for a film about losing a child?

I went to the bathroom and when I came out to get a sandwich, Sandra Oh, aka Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina Yang, was doing the same thing. I must say, it caught me off guard a little! She plays another parent in the film, but I didn’t have an interview with her lined up so I used the chance to tell her that we’re big Yang fans in SA, to which she replied that she loves the country and that she shot a film there called 3 Needles. Must make a point to see it.

Mr Eckhart also has a South African link. He’s just finished working with South African director Jonathan Liebesman on the film Battle: Los Angeles, and he couldn’t stop praising Jonathan, saying he is going to have a “huge career.” Ms Kidman did a little bit of a South African accent (half channelling the character she played in The Interpreter) when introducing me to the cameramen, and she was pretty sweet enough for a short interview. She liked my dress, so now not only does Forever 21 have the Nadia stamp of approval, it gets one from Nicole too!

The view while waiting for the interviews

Everyone’s gearing up for awards season here, talking about the impending Golden Globe nominations announcement on Tuesday morning. Already it seems the are a few shoo-ins. The LA Times’ “Oscarologists” say there are three sure bets for a Lead Actress nomination: Annette Benning (The Kids Are Alright), Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) and Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole). Kidman’s take on the whole thing? “Hopeful, yes, but you can never rely on that so we’re relying on the story hopefully reaching out and hitting people.”


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