Miss N

Closing Credits

“I’d like to thank my mom, my dad and my dog Jeff …”

From one adventure to the next. I know that back in South Africa, I’ll move straight onto another story. Before that happens, allow me a “closing credits” of sort to this chapter. Imagine, if you will, the theme from Crazy Heart, by T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham, The Weary Kind, playing overhead. Not because it’s a fitting song (although, after all the running around I am a little ‘weary’, haha!) but because it won the Oscar for Best Song and I also loved the music in the movie. Thanks to the fabulous folks at L’Atelje in Hyde Park, who helped get me over to Los Angeles, Hip Hop, for the gorgeous dress, as well as the fantastic people at Grey Goose, my first trip to the Oscars has been a memorable one!

It’s all Hollywood, baby!

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