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Cannes on the Run – Day 2 and 3

You may be as happy as I was to discover that I didn’t oversleep on Thursday and so made it to the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, about 30 minutes outside of Cannes, to interview Charlize and the Mad Max: Fury Road co. Instead of sleeping too much, I actually didn’t under-slept and got about maybe 20 minutes of full sleep if I was lucky. Ah, jet lag.

Wearing a knockout of an LBD, Charlize Theron was, as always a pleasure to interview. But I did notice that she wasn’t as friendly or as easy to make casual conversation before the interview as she has been in the previous occasions that I have spoken to her. The press promotion for this film has been full-throttle and Cannes is just another stop on the tour to make sure the buzz keeps it going all the way into the box office books.

The film has received such glowing reviews, it’s sure to go exactly where director George Miller hopes. He is a fantastic visionary, and the effects he has created onscreen are a visual treat that will leave you gasping and mouthing the word, ‘wow’ more than a few times. Much has been made of Charlize’s character Furiosa, being the actual star of the film. It may say Max in the title, but it may as well have been Furiosa. As Tom Hardy, who plays Max told me, it does say “Fury Road,” so that’s a clue right there.

I’ve barely managed to get anything more than a 3-mile run in, but I have managed to make a few screenings so far. One of the first things I found out the very first time I covered Cannes was that there is so much going on at this film festival, and so many quick deadlines, that it’s quite difficult to actually watch the films themselves. 19 are in competition this year for the prestigious Palme d’Or. I saw Tale of Tales, with Salma Hayek and Vincent Cassel, which is a weaving of three WTF fairytale stories that are both whimsical and worrying at the same time, while The Lobster gave me a fantastic start to Day 3, with its musings on love as an institution where, if you fail, you are to spend the rest of your life as an animal.

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos has Colin Farrell’s character select a lobster, hence the film’s title. I don’t know what I would choose, but I think if I am ever a complete and utter failure at this thing called Love to the extent I give up completely, I should like to be a dog that belongs to a celebrity – then I don’t think I’ll ever have to want for anything. Especially not love.

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