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Cannes Film Festival – Of Pirates, Patience and Parties

The Cannes Film Festival is a true test in patience. The amount of queuing and waiting you have to do is exacerbated by lack of sleep and not eating. Come to think of it, that’s probably why many of the journos here are as rude as they are! Or maybe it’s just plain bad manners. But getting into any of the major press conferences ends up in an every-man-for-himself mess, where you can get elbowed or tripped out of the way.

Luckily the line for the Pirates of the Caribbean press conference was a little more civilized this time around. It’s the only press that Johnny Depp and co are doing here for the movie so this is the only chance to get any questions answered (and some up-close perving done!) And luckily Johnny Depp doesn’t disappoint so it makes it all worth it!

He, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Rob Marshall as well as the film’s newcomers Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Sam Claflin, and Ian Mc Shane were on the panel. Penelope is a darling of the film fest and I have seen her here every year for the past 5 years. Each year she looks more and more gorgeous. But I had yet to be in the presence of Johnny Depp so that was an exciting first. He has such a way with words and is so funny; really a great guy.

The film is more swashbuckling fun, but I must admit, the sword fights all seem to blend into one, and I would have liked to have seen more dialogue bits from Johnny than another fight scene. But then again this is Pirates and it is in 3D so they have to make the most of the action. He told us Jack Sparrow is “a weird combination of a 18th century rock n’roll star, who looks like Keith Richards, and Pepe le Pew, the very romantic skunk !” He also told us how his family watch more of his films than he does. “I often test my characters on my children…and I can tell by their reaction if I’ve done a good job. So far it seems so, because I haven’t been fired yet!” he said. Penelope will soon have her own stories like that to tell, as she filmed the movie while she was pregnant. Her sister Monica had to step in during the last week, when they needed, as director Rob Marshall says, a “different kind of silhouette.” Geoffrey is also fantastic and says it’s been useful to keep working with characters called King George!

Johnny, in the suspenders, getting mobbed








Seeing the movie is one of the hottest tickets in town – and as you can see in huge demand. Another hot ticket was the one for VIP Room last night to see Duran Duran perform for the Belvedere party. The brand has just joined the RED campaign and they have a special edition bottle, proceeds of which go to the HIV/Aids initiative. I spoke to the President of Belvedere yesterday, and he expressed one of the reasons why they wanted to be a part of this: “By the year 2015 if we continue on the track that we’re on,  the mother-to-child transmission will be able to be eradicated, and for me, that’s tomorrow. That’s a very powerful and motivating thing. As a father, to imagine one of my kids is unfathomable, and so to be able to do something about that is good.”

With Belvedere's Charles Gibb and the (RED) bottle
Boys On Film

Saw Jude Law, Jamie Foxx and Rob Lowe each being escorted into the party. Rob can really walk fast – it was almost impossible to keep up with his beautiful self! Great show from Duran Duran, and an awesome night, as usual, at VIP Room. Their DJs and revolving dance-floor never seem to disappoint!

Bumped into the Spud producers Ross Garland and Brad Logan who are screening the film at the festival and following up on interest from different parts of the world. Earlier in the evening Candice Boucher, the SA model, was promoting her film Azaan, a Bollywood thriller in which she makes her acting debut.

Candice in the purple, with the cast and producers of Azaan

Yesterday was also filled with interviews with Woody Allen, Rachel McAdams and other interesting characters here on the Croisette. But that will have to be another post all of it’s own.

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