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Banksy’s Oscar Chance

I really enjoyed watching one of the films up for Best Documentary Oscar Exit Through the Gift Shop. It’s a clever take on spray-can art, centered around London artist Banksy…well, actually around Thierry Guetta, aka Mr Brainwash, whom many say is Banksy. One of the great things about the film is that it includes a whole lot of other graffiti artists too and gives a real snapshot of pop culture.

In the run-up to the Oscars, Banksy has been putting up works all over Los Angeles. Some of them have been taken down already or defaced, but I have been hoping to catch one or two that are still up. I wasn’t very successful, until I got lost trying to meet a friend and literally drove past this one on La Brea near San Vicente:

Okay, so it was tagged “Mr Brainwash” but if the controversy is to be believed, Mr Brainwash is Banky so that would make this one of his works, right…?

There were a couple of other people taking pics there and they said this has been up for a few weeks, and there were also storm-troopers on top as well.

Aside from the question of whether Mr Brainwash is Banksy or not, there’s the other big question being asked: whether or not Banksy will make an appearance at the Oscars. And of course, if he’ll take home that little golden statue.


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