Aningaaq: A Short Film Companion to Gravity


This is amazing. Jonas Cuarón, who co-wrote Gravity with his director father, Alfonso, has shown us who Sandra Bullock’s character was talking to when she made her distress call to Earth, in one of the stand-out scenes in the movie. Hopefully by now you’ve seen the film, so this won’t come as a spoiler (and if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?!)

Gravity is one big stand-out scene, but this part is poignant because it’s the moment when Doctor Ryan Stone makes her peace with the idea of dying, after trying so desperately to survive. Like in life, she has, up until this point, tried so hard to keep overcoming the odds of her very unique situation but now, with no fuel and no help from Earth, Sandra’s character resigns herself to a fate that seems destined for her.

In this short film, Orto Ignatiussen plays the title character of Aningaaq, the man Dr Stone reaches over the frequencies. We now find out he’s an Inuit fisherman in Greenland travelling to a fjord, who is distraught over his own plight that one of his dogs is dying.

Aningaaq is being submitted for consideration in the live-action short film category for the Oscars next year. As reports have noted, if both Gravity and Aningaaq are nominated, it will be the first time a film and its spin-off are nominated in the same year.

In The Hollywood Reporter’s latest roundtable, featuring a host of the year’s most noted directors, Alfonso is asked what separates a good director from a great one. He replies ‘time’; whether or not a film that is being talked about now is still remembered for years to come. For me, Gravity is one of those films, for its technical feats and the emotions it stirred within me, and I happily place it alongside some of my favourite films of all ‘time’.


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