A Shoreditch Street Art Walk

I usually like to run to street art pieces but I found myself in London visiting my Dad and brother, and having a post-lunch walk around Shoreditch. I used the time as an opportunity to go exploring with them, looking for pieces that are all over the area, especially Brick Lane and Hanbury Street. From looking at Instagram accounts, I’ve seen some really great pieces online but it’s always better to see them in person.
For one, this collaboration between South American artists Mateus Bailon and Rafael Sliks with Australia’s Jimmy C is a sight to behold. It’s called Spring Offering and brings nature and worlds-beyond together in a striking image.
ROA is all over London – from giant rats to squirrels and other kinds of animals. His pieces are ubiquitous there, as they are here in New York. Yet to turn a corner and be faced with one still elicits a gasp from me every time. I didn’t get the chance to go to Hackney where his 3.5m high rabbit was once threatened with being white-washed by the local council, before a committee came together to save it, but I did see these:
There is a Pixel Pancho collab I loved seeing in Bushwick so I was delighted to see another Pixel work, this time with Evoca1. Pixel’s robotic imagery is brought together with Evoca’s roosters and it’s marvelous.
Some of my other favourites seen along the walk…which I happened to end up running past the next day when I took in a run with London’s Run.Dem.Crew, so there you go!
Pyramid Oracle  
Gary MSK x Lilly Lou  
Paul Don Smith
…and Fanakapan in Star Alley.
The image at the top of the Joker is by Syd the stencil artist going over a Mymo face. Oh, the layers!
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