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I managed to get myself lost on the way to Buckingham Palace. I should have just listened out for the hammering and drilling and I would have probably found my way there quicker! There are all sorts of bleachers, camera stands and boxes being set up for the big day. And of course loads of tourists, milling about, taking pics of the Palace…myself included!

The balcony where Wills and Kate will wave to the crowds - and possibly share a kiss
Media outlets have paid top dollar for prime spots

It really does look lovely with the flags and beautiful flowers in front of the Palace. Green Park has been closed off to allow media outlets to set up and there are also bleachers that have been set up. A photographer I met told me that one hundred thousand people can fit in the area just in front of the Palace, and that a million are expected to fill the mall that is part of the route the procession will take.

The festive atmosphere is also evident on Regent Street, which looks absolutely splendid with the 200 Union Jacks hanging there.

Many of the stores are into the spirit of things too, having dressed their shop windows in the theme.

Had to laugh when I spotted these inside Hamleys!


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