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2010 Mercury Prize Winner

Yes, yes, London-based group The xx were the bookie’s favourites to win, but that wasn’t why I had been rooting for them.  Ever since listening to the band’s debut album xx I became enamoured with The xx. Opening track Intro draws you into an album that sometimes brings up feelings you may not be ready to face, but by the end of the album, it feels as if you’ve gone through a kind of catharsis.

Some of my other Mercury faves:


The banjo-driven gusto of this band, together with the passionate pleas of Marcus Mumford, helped me get through some very long hours while travelling to my latest destination.


Thanks to Q Magazine for the heads-up on this Dublin singer who goes by the moniker of Villagers as a kind of collective for the producers he works with. Singer-songwriter at his best!

Biffy Clyro

I just love the spunk and character behind this three-piece. They’re a stadium-rock act, but with a quirky spark firing inside that takes them a step further (And I am loving lead singer Simon’s new “sexy-Santa” look – sadly not seen in this video)

Ultimately, what I love most about the Mercury Prize is that it exposes me to music I just have missed – plus the fantastic weekly emails they send out to with info on all the fantastic new music that’s bubbling under!


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