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110 Stories – A City Remembers

An all-star cast of theatre, TV and film stars took part in the 10 anniversary special staging of 110 Stories in New York on Thursday and Friday night.

After all the documentaries and exhibitions on show, this was a different way to experience the events of that day – especially for a non-New Yorker like myself. Each actor had a certain part to read, a first-hand account from September 11 2001, and in the days following. Thursday night’s performance featured Katie Holmes, Stephen Baldwin, Tony Shalhoub, Ralph Macchio, Jeremy Piven, Mario Cantone (oh how we miss SATC’s Anthony!), Cynthia Nixon, and SA’s own Stelio Savante, among others.

110 Stories
Jeremy Piven
Mario Cantone
Stelio Savante
Playwright Sarah Tuft with two of the real life people behind the actor's readings

Take a listen to Ralph, Jeremy and Stelio speak about their reasons for taking part in 110 Stories.


The play manages to skillfully blend bits and pieces of stories together into a tapestry of experience, so you get an understanding of what various people went through – from a First Responder to a volunteer to even a rescue dog. That is testimony to Sarah Tuft’s writing, and the audience is all the more enriched having the words brought to life by esteemed actors like the ones on this bill.

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