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The Time Charlize Theron Called Me a B****

I usually save these little behind-the-scenes anecdotes from interviews for when the film releases, but this one is too good to hold back on. I can title this in my memoirs to come, as “The Time Charlize Theron Called Me A Bitch.” Of course, if you listen to the audio below, you’ll get the full story.

Just a little scene-setter for you. This is after our TV interview, at the press conference, forĀ Young Adult, where Charlize and her co-star Patton Oswalt are taking questions about the soon-to-be-released movie in which her character goes back to her home-town. Now you know I’m a proud Benoni gal, so naturally we bonded over that in the first encounter of the day. Or so I thought…(insert wink-eyed emoticon here)

[audio:|titles=Charlize Benoni]

There’s more to come from this…but mark it down now, Young Adult releases in South Africa on the 23 March 2012, and, before that, in the US on 16 December 2011.


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