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The Rundown: Relays – OSR’s Joe DiNoto

Running in NYC is never boring, that’s for sure. Whether it’s running past expressive graffiti tags or just-as-expressive truck drivers, the city keeps you quick on your feet, quite literally. It’s that ethos that keeps Orchard Street Runners (OSR) going, and it’s why founder Joe DiNoto likes to bring people together, in the hopes that they too, like him, will discover new things about the city they live in. Or not. When you run with OSR, what you put in is what you get out.
I met Joe the first time I ever went to South by South West, at an Instagram printer. As he printed stickers of my pics for me, he told me about OSR, suggesting I drop by one night to check it out. I was in the very early stages of starting to run, and said I would, one day. Well, one day ended up being a year later, when a break-up led me to my Tuesday nights becoming wide open. I’ve since found myself getting faster as a runner, thanks a lot in part due to the group that runs with OSR along one of the infamous know-the-route routes (and somehow I always still get lost!)
This video was shot on-the-go, up and over the Manhattan Bridge, one of the regular routes, and a favourite of Joe’s. He started Orchard Street Runners six years ago and hasn’t looked back. Every Tuesday night (unless there is a hurricane or other such weather catastrophe in NYC), he leads a run out of the Lower East Side. From Day 1, it’s been out of the surf/coffee/hang store Lost Weekend, which, as of this week, closed down. I know I’m not the only one who’ll miss heading out of its doors on future OSR runs.

Like me, Joe didn’t grow up liking running at all. But now, he’s considered the guy to know for urban running in NYC – having brought events like the Midnight Half to life, an unofficial race through the streets of NYC and Brooklyn that attracts some of the best in town. He talked to me about how running made him feel like superhero, and how it helps him see things from a different perspective in a city he knows all too well.
If you’re a runner in NYC, I highly recommend tackling the Midnight Half for a real sense of adventure. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of hitting the streets of NYC, while others are stumbling out of bars. The post-party celebration isn’t too bad, either.
Find Joe and OSR here and here.


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