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The Rundown Presents: Relays

When you’re a journalist who loves running, you start to want to find out more about how running has influenced others. I knew my passion for running had seeped into my work life when the first thing I noticed about sitting down to watch J-Lo’s newest movie was that the scene opened with her running. I researched and found out she was a runner at school, and I couldn’t resist asking her about it during our interview the next day.
I’m really interested in how running affects the musicians and actors and artists I interview. Because I know it has had such an immeasurable impact on my life, I want to know more about the impact it has had on others. The logistics of it – how the running happens – and also the stuff that goes beyond, the why.
But it’s not just the movie stars and singers whose stories I am interested in. Running with a regular group of people, some of whom, like me, picked up running later on in life, has led to many interesting tales and anecdotes shared. Usually, the talk is of mileage, pace, and upcoming races. Those things are interesting, but I also like talking about the joy and discomfort and the mental push beyond just the physical challenge it poses.
So, I’m running and recording interviews with people I admire who work in a creative field – I want to know what running means to them, how it helps their careers, and, you know, life in general.
The streets of NYC can be busy and noisy but they can throw up some pretty fantastic running adventures too.
For the first interview, I ran with artist and illustrator Daniel Medina, who studied Illustration at Parsons School of Design, and paces at Nike Run Club in New York. He often likes to run the Queensboro Bridge, and in our interview he tells me more about why “running always made sense” in his life, and why time and speed aren’t everything, even for a former high school cross-country enthusiast.

You can see Daniel’s work here and sign up to run with him at NRC here.

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