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The Armory Takes Hold (of Me)

Jim Dine, Blue Ball Blues

I popped off to The Armory Show today, hoping to dip into some amazing artwork from around the world, including South Africa. Well, I didn’t so much dip as gorge. And I left feeling both full and famished at the same time!

There is so much there to inspire that you just want to swallow it all, but because there is so much of it, it can be really overwhelming too (especially for a first-timer!) An art dealer friend has described this time right now as the World Cup of the art world, with a dozen or so fairs taking place over the next few days. Not least of which is the daddy of them all, The Armory Show. I should have known when I approached it and saw how massive it was from the outside that I was going to be in for more than just a taste.

I went to find out more about the South African artists on show there – as part of the Goodman Gallery and The Michael Stevenson Gallery.

Jodi Bieber at Goodman Gallery

This year’s World Press Photo winner Jodi Bieber, who has been represented by Goodman Gallery for some years now, is represented here with the image she took of Afghan woman Bibi Aisha that featured on Time Magazine. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork at the fair will go to the Bibi Aisha Fund.

William Kentridge & Marguerite Stephens at Goodman Gallery
Nicholas Hlobo at Michael Stevenson
Zander Blom at Michael Stevenson

At a younger, hipper fringe event, called VoltaNY, tapestry work from Capetonian Athi-Patra Ruga from the WhatIfTheWorld Gallery in Woodstock was on display. He is going to be doing an exciting performance piece here in New York very soon.

More pics coming soon – I don’t want to overwhelm you as much as I overwhelmed myself today. Trust me, easy does it!

The Armory Show runs until March 6th.