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This week’s episode of The Rundown is a little different.
It’s been impossible to ignore what’s going on in the US right now – the mood, atmosphere, feelings and rallying against the proposals and policies of the new president Donald Trump that have been taking place in the days since the inauguration.
I’ve been encouraged by the action that people are taking to stay socially active, so this episode features artwork inspired by this new era. I ran to the Petzel Gallery, the New-York Historical Society and Museum of the Moving Image where Shia LaBeouf‘s art collective has an installation running for the next 4 years, or as long as Trump is president.

This is a route that’s about 8 miles, if you do it all in one go. If you want to check it out yourself, here you go:


Shia LaBeouf spent most of this week in a darkened cinema, making it out just in time for the release of Missy Elliott’s hot new single. Coincidence…probably! But there’s nothing that could top the pop rocket that Missy  launched this week in the shape of her new track, WTF (Where They From). It had me so excited I forgot to mention in this week’s edition of The Rundown that her forthcoming album is the first we’ve had from her in a decade; she has released singles in that time. But still – it’s big news! That she worked with longtime collaborator Dave Meyers on the video – complete with a disco-ball suit, puppets and laser lights – is even more satisfying. And, as NPR’s Ann Powers says, we’re glad to have her back, purely for the style and substance she brings to pop and hip hop.
Other stories worth knowing this week include the release of comedian Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix series, Master of None, and the movie Brooklynwhich has been garnering great reviews. Aziz manages to capture issues not often talked about on a TV series, and he tackles race, relationships in the millennial era and friendship with nuance, respect and best of all, humour. It’s an endearing series and the music that features at the beginning of each episode – a snippet of a different song for each one – is an inspired touch. Also big in TV news this week, as the questions swirl around Glenn’s fate in The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast as mega-enemy Negan. Denny Duquette goes dark! (I know Jeffrey’s been in a number of movies too but he left a mark on my heart as Izzy’s doomed love in Grey’s Anatomy).
As for Brooklyn, Saoirse Ronan gives a delicate, moving performance as an Irish immigrant who moves to Brooklyn and falls in love. Aside from the beauty of the cityscapes, the film touched a nerve in me, as someone who’s moved to NYC from another country. It may be set in the ’60s but the feelings it conjures up are ones felt in any era.
Bringing pop culture and history together is something artist Deborah Kass likes to do, and she’s done it with her first public piece, YO/OY, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I like the way it plays on the cultural slang of the city.

The route I took started from Miss Lilly’s on Houston and travelled across the Manhattan Bridge (a tough but rewarding run!), and down to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The bridge is always a challenge, but its views make it worth it!


* NY Fashion Week is in the home stretch but the sisters of Rodarte made us squeal in delight with these Star Wars themed dresses, playing on their love of sci-fi.

* Sing ahhhhh! Hugh Jackman will be back hosting the Tony Awards this year – his fourth time. Naturally the social-media-loving Oscar-winner used Instagram to make the announcement.

* Shia LaBeouf has taken his performance art, or whatever it is he’s doing right now, to the next stage, holding bag-covered court in an LA gallery, akin to Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present. Only his is titled #I’mNotFamousAnymore. Perhaps if he didn’t have the bag on his head, we might believe he means it.

* Martin Scorsese may have garnered much critical acclaim over the years, but now, The Wolf of Wall Street has given him his highest grossing film ever. The film has cracked the $300 million mark – and counting.

* Broadway’s darling Idina Menzel will be performing at the Oscars – the hit song from the hit animated flick Frozen, Let It Go. This should help raise the profile of the woman who brought life to memorable characters from Rent and Wicked.

[Pic: MBFW]


* Sunday night February 9th, 1964 belonged to the Beatles, as it did Sunday 9th, 2014. CBS ran a special, recorded the day after the Grammys, saluting the lads from Liverpool, and the enduring impact their performance on The Ed Sullivan Show has had on America in the 50 years since.

* Shia LaBeouf is giving attendees of this year’s Berlin Film Festival something other than movies to talk about. The actor, who recently said he was stepping back from the limelight a bit following a spot of plagiarism, wore a paper bag over his head and walked out of the press conference for Nymphomaniac 1. 

* NY Fashion Week continued into the weekend, as it does into the week. South African designer David Tlale presented his solo show, as did the likes of Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and Prabal Gurung.

* The Lego Moviewhich seems to have earned rave reviews from all corners, beat out The Monuments Men at the box office this past weekend.

* The Walking Dead returned, after a mid-season break, bringing with it these spoilers.

[Pic: CBS]