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Like many, I’ve been binge-watching Luke Cage – the Netflix series is perfect for afternoons once the long run is done. In this episode of The Rundown, I ran to some of the locations used in the show.

Also, this has to be one of my favourite scenes ever. The energy of Jidenna – he’s so compelling to watch in performing this track that opens Episode 5. Pro-tip: Long Live the Chief is also pretty great to run to!

If you want to run the route too, here it is:

luke cage map


After surviving an interview with Joaquin Phoenix yesterday, it’s a very warm hello from New York!

* Today Pearl Jam release their 10th studio album, and with it, a reinvigorated tour schedule across North America. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon will help celebrate – next week, star musicians will perform songs from the band’s iconic catalogue.

* Boring awards shows be gone! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have agreed to host the Golden Globes for 2 years.

* The College Music Journal, aka CMJ Music Marathon officially kicks off in NYC today – giving established and emerging artists the chance to grow their audience over the next few days, as musicians vie for some of that much-coveted buzz groups like The xx and Arcade Fire received in their early days.

* Eminem dropped another new single online off next month’s Marshall Mathers LP2 , declaring himself a Rap God: “I make elevating music, you make elevator music…” Fans will have many a favourite line to choose from in this self-ode to Mathers’ skill and answer to his rhetorical question, ‘why be a king when you can be a god?’

* Netflix will soon have another series for those looking for their next binge fix. The trio of writers behind Damages have been tasked with making a 13-episode psychological thriller series for streaming service. It’ll start production in 2014.

Pic: www.pearljam.com



* Brad Pitt continued his “world tour” to promote his latest film, popping up in NYC on Monday night for the premiere of World War Z. The movie opens in the US this week, and by all accounts, the zombie apocalypse is one to look forward to.

* Kanye West did all he could – or so it seems – to prevent his album being leaked. But that it was on Friday. Nonetheless, today it officially drops into the atmosphere, bringing its loud, aggressive, at times vitriolic vibes with it.

* Following on from the success of House of CardsNetflix has announced it is partnering with DreamWorks Animation to provide original kids programming, including new shows and movie releases. There will be more than 300 hours of video added to Netflix through the deal, which begins in 2014. The face of TV never looked friendlier.

* In another big coup for Spotify, the Pink Floyd catalogue has been added to the streaming music service. The band had promised they would post their songs on it if their 1975 track Wish You Were Here hit a million streams. That was too easy!

[Pic: Paramount Pictures]