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Lower East Side

I’m one of those people that stops to take photos when I’m running. I don’t do it as much as I used to when I first started running and would be amazed all the time by the sights I was seeing on foot for the first time. Now I take a lot of mental pictures and blow air-kisses to the things I like. But great pieces of street art in NYC usually make me stop to take a quick snap. So for this edition of The Rundown, I thought I’d take you through a route that hits some of my favourite pieces on the Lower East Side, starting at the legendary Bowery Mural.
Artists featured include, Nick Walker Art, Invader, Tristan Eaton, Danielle Mastrion Art,Dasic Fernández and Aron Belka Art.
Here’s the route:

This is a little tribute that’s been set up upside the spot on the Lower East Side where Paul’s Boutique used to be, the place that inspired the name of the second Beastie Boys album. There was a report that people were gathering outside there on Friday to in honour of Adam Yauch. You can still see some of the candles left behind and the writing on the wall.