Culture on the Run

Summer at Socrates Sculpture Park

Welcome Summer. So glad you could make it. Pull up a chair; have a cold one.

After -15 degree C weather, we’ve waited a long time for the gleam and glisten of the sun. What better way to appreciate it than a stroll through Socrates Sculpture Park to view the latest art installations there…


Exhibit A: Scarecrow by Zilvinas Kempinas. It’s a kinetic installation, made of ribbons that reflect the light and the sound of the wind from the East River. Lovely!


Exhibit B: Queen Mother by Pawel Althamer, inspired by former NYC nun and unofficial mayor of Harlem, Dr Delois Blakely, who, by the way, sued Disney over Sister Act, which she said was based on her life.

And the pic at the top of the post is Citoyen du Monde from Meschac Gaba. It’s at Socrates Park partly thanks to the Stevenson Gallery in South Africa. If you look veerrry closely, you can see the flags of the world stretched out.

Pair the stroll through the Park with a visit to the Astoria Flea market for a rooibos iced-tea and chicken prego roll from Woza NYC, and you’ll have yourself one very pleasant #SundayFunday, just like I did.


Socrates Sculpture Park is open 365 days a year.