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I Missed You.

(This is part of my “Entertainment During a Time of Coronavirus” Newsletter series, which you can sign up for here.)

The sometimes unhinged, sometimes sublime Instagram Live updates Heloise from Christine and the Queens does daily at midday…

The man I can see from my window who plays soccer with his son in their teeny-tiny yard every morning…

The home-baked treats Shell’s Loft likes to make and deliver to my door…

The wonders of digital technology and the hottest app in town, Zoom

The wacky stories of people who’re trying to spread a little of their own positivity in the world, like this guy who ran a marathon on his balcony…

I’m making a point to keep gratitude and joy as close companions during this time, even as fear and anxiety don’t seem to want to leave my side! Choosing to be positive and upbeat doesn’t mean ignoring what is happening. It would be remiss of me not to pay tribute to two titans of the entertainment world we’ve just lost — playwright Terrence McNally and Cameroonian jazz legend Manu Dibango. Both due to complications from Covid-19. I want this little note from me to you to be a one of joy, and I will aim to keep it so, but I also want to acknowledge the myriad of thoughts and feelings all happening at the same time. We’re all just doing the best we can, right? Music helps, so let’s get into today’s list of URL events, which happens to be very music-heavy:

1. D.Nice is hosting another one of his deluxe house parties, this time, geared towards voter registration, with special guest Michelle Obama. The party starts at 6:30pm EST, so set your watches. While D spins, volunteers across the country will text eligible voters to help them register to vote. Party with a purpose – yes!

2. Lisa Loeb gave us the perfect #quarantune in Stay (I Missed You), even if she was decades before her time. Today she’s going live on YouTube at 11am PST, 2pm EST, 8pm CAT, for a kids-themed live stream with songs and activity ideas. Later in the day, H.E.R. will go live on Instagram at 2pm PST, 5pm EST, for Global Citizen’s #TogetherAtHome series. Jennifer Hudson, who plays Aretha Franklin in the upcoming biopic, will perform a bit of a salute to Aretha, at 1pm PST, 4pm EST and 10pm CAT.

3. Get your diamond-encrusted sunglasses out – it’s Elton John’s birthday today. In honour of his 73rd birthday, Morrison Hotel Gallery will showcase photographs of Sir Elton in SIR: A Retrospective of Rock Royaltytheir first ever virtual exhibit.

4. British comic Mo the Comedian is hosting #QuarantineGames live at 9pm GMT, 5pm EST, on his IG. After his Netflix release and Bafta nom, Mo was meant to embark on a world tour this year, so he’s staying nimble with these games, which may or may not involve real prizes.

5. For the classic movie fans among us, TCM will be turning their annual Hollywood-based film festival into a “special home edition” event. It’s not happening today — and will take place on the same dates as the original festival was meant to happen, April 16 to 19 — but it’s good to get it down on the calendar now, as something to look forward to. There’ll be feature film screenings, as well as special interviews and segments from the last 10 years of the event.

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