Scorsese’s NYC

On the Sunday it opened, I headed off to one of my favourite places in the city,┬áthe Museum of Moving Art, for its Martin Scorsese exhibition. It’s an incredible tribute to his career, but also to the city that birthed the famous director and his equally famous movies. Shortly after, I watched Silence, his passion project (aren’t they all?) 25 years or so in the making. It’s a film I’m still thinking about weeks later, because of the themes it touches on and the scenes it created. So, in this vein, I’m excited to share this week’s episode of The Rundown: Scorsese’s New York.

I had considered doing individual Rundowns for some of his most well-known, and well-loved movies, and may still do that, but for now, here is the route for this 6-mile jaunt through Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Goodfellas, and a tip of the hat to his Oscar-winning The Departed.


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