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RIP Brown Dash

Siphiwe Mpamile
Brown Dash, born Siphiwe Mpamile, played his part in South Africa’s kwaito music scene – first with the group AmaSkumfete, then working on Mapaputsi’s hit album Izinja. He was also the unmasked face that sang alongside Mzekezeke and he appeared on his double platinum debut album when he performed the title track Sguqa Ngamadolo in 2002. He released his own debut album in 2003, and had a hit with the popular track Puff & Pass.

Siphiwe hailed from Soweto, home to other kwaito stars like Mdu, Mandoza & Mzambiya. He had been battling a number of illnesses in recent years, and his cause of death is not yet known at this time.

It’s believed he had been working on a new album in recent weeks that was due out soon.


  1. may his soul rest in peace , you will be remembered all the time..

    love : portia manthata

  2. uBrown akabaleki
    uBrown uyabuya
    uBrown lisoja futh’
    uBrown k’dalehamba
    Ndithi nzomtshela, ndizombonisa
    Ok’salayo ndithi nizomhlonipha
    ••••Singing along••••

    R•I•P my brother, you will surely be missed. Thank you for the gud music~

  3. May ur soul rest in peace my brother we always embrace u with de great music u hn given in dis country (RIP)

  4. @Lady K, which disease? it amazes me to see there still pepople like you who are so primitive LOL

  5. O bitso wami, ngthi ulale kuxolo. There’s no album of u dat i don’t have, from umthandazo wabolova, to back 2 kasi, but i liked unomalizo alot, it reminds me of U perform it at Dorothy Nyembe Park in Dobsy. We will always luv u boy. vum vum.

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