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Rapsody’s Wisdom

This evening, the history-making, true-to-her-roots, only-woman-in-an-all-men-best-rap-album-category Rapsody dropped a little more insight into her 7-year “overnight success,” the films & actresses who influence her alongside the musicians who do too, and how much she loves body-rolling.
5 days before the Grammys, she says this year feels different from the last time, when she went to support Kendrick after guesting on TPAB. “That was like when you babysit someone else’s kid. This one is mine. I carried it for 9 months. I had to push that thing out.“
Endearing herself to me even more, she told me South Africa, where she created the album Beauty & the Beast, is her favourite place to perform. When I asked when it was that she knew she had power in her words to articulate her thoughts about the world, she says it was in a moment that came while in Soweto. A woman approached her after a performance with a little girl, about 3/4, and this little girl said she wanted to be like Rapsody. “That’s when I knew the power of music for me, and how important my voice was. So that was when it changed for me. No lie – Soweto, South Africa.”
Sending Rapsody — Marlanna Evans — good vibes for the Grammys this weekend!

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