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Occupy the Tower – Tower Heist hits the Big Screen

Walking out of Tower Heist with Occupy Wall Street slogans still ringing in my ear from earlier in the day, it almost seemed as if the film was designed to come out right now. Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller have teamed up for the comedy, which, with its take-down-the-rich-guy-who-screwed-everyone-over theme, will resonate with the protests taking place right now. Although the film wasn’t made to reflect it in any way, it certainly is timeous.

The Tower where filming took place was the looming Trump Tower in Columbus Circle. When I first got to New York in December last year, I remember seeing the streets around there abuzz with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, albeit being re-enacted weeks later. Watching that scene in the movie had that much more resonance, after having seen the Snoopy balloon be hoisted up into the sky over Central Park West during filming.

It’s a fun film, with a great cast. Here’s my interview for Vuzu TV with Eddie, Ben and Gabourey Sidibe, the rising star from Precious where they talk about New York, the good guys winning, and flirting with comedians.

Eddie’s a lot more soft-spoken in real life. He probably saves all his energy for being in the movies, but when Ben mentioned, off-camera, how much he liked South Africa, Eddie said he doesn’t want to go visit because it’s so far away and he doesn’t even like making the trip from LA to NYC. I did tell him it was worth it though!

Tower Heist is on the big screen now.


  1. I have to admit – I’m an Eddie Murphy fan. NOT his recent, 18-characters-in-one-film stuff but when he was just beginning. I’ve been so disappointed before at the roles he’s taken, but every time he’s cast in a new film I’m hopeful. Maybe THIS film will do him justice? Fingers crossed!

  2. I really enjoyed him in this one. There’s a great scene where he gives the “robbers” each a bobby pin (although it sounds like bobby pen) and it’s hilarious! Eddie can do so much with just a look or a raise of the eyebrow that he doesn’t need all those costume changes. He’s gone back to channelling a bit of that Beverly Hills cop in this one, and I had fun watching it.

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