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Michael Jackson Death Trial – MJ’s Head of Security and PA Testify

Michael Jackson

Day 2 of the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr Conrad Murray saw two people who were always around MJ take to the stand. His personal assistant Michael Amir Williams and Chief of Security Faheem Muhammad. Their testimony shifted to events of the day of MJ’s death on June 25 2009.

Williams testified that:

– he received an urgent voice-message from Dr Conrad Murray at 12:13pm, which he immediately returned. He says Dr Murray told him to get help, but that he did not ask him to call 911. Williams called Alberto Alvarez, another bodyguard and told him to go into the house, as he was already on site. Alvarez was the one who would make the actual 911 call.

– when he arrived at the house, Dr Murray was frantic and MJ was being moved out on a gurney.

– after MJ’s death Dr Murray asked to be taken back to the house to get some cream MJ “wouldn’t want the world to know about”. Williams pretended he didn’t have the keys and said he couldn’t take him back there.

– upon cross examination, he didn’t tell police about Dr Murray’s request until more than two months after MJ’s death.

Muhammad testified that:

– when he arrived on the scene it seemed as if MJ was already dead, as Dr Murray was trying to revive him

– MJ’s children were in the room: “Paris was on the ground balled up crying, and Prince was standing there, and he just had a real shocked, you know just slowly crying, type of look on his face.”

The defense aimed to turn this around to say that Dr Murray wanted to return to the house to get his car. The defense attorney also asked both witnesses about MJ’s visits to his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, who they have pinned as the one who got Jackson addicted to the painkiller Demerol.

Oh, and Kathy Jorrie, the lawyer who drew up Dr Murray’s contract also testified, earlier in the day. Aside from going into the specificities of how the contract was drawn up, she said Dr Murray told her 2 days before MJ’s death: “Don’t worry about him. He’s great.”

Follow the trial closer and see proceedings streamed live here and here.

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