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Lira, meet New York. New York, meet Lira

Feel Good

She’s already made legions of South African hearts happy with her soulful voice and striking stage performance so it’s only natural that Lira would want to extend a little of that love to the rest of the world. Her 4 albums (and DVD shot in 3D) have all sold platinum and above in SA. She’s making her American debut with shows this week, in celebration of the US release of the Lira EP today. A 14-song album will be released on 31 January 2012 (my birthday!) with Feel Good being her first radio single release.

Lira is playing SOBs tonight, with support from Zim saxophonist extraordinaire Max Wild.

If you’re not in NYC, find out where else you can see Lira here.

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  1. Lira is going places with her love and dedication to music. I love the way reminds me of the legendary South African musicians Sisi Brenda Fassie, Mirriam Makeba, Lebo Matosa the list can go on. She flies in a hight of her own. She is focused than many iknow, all credit to her and team. I hope to see her at the Macufe 2011 in Bloemfontein. She a proud south african. I Love Lira.

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