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Fate vs Free will – The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau won me over from the start as Matt Damon made his way though New York and into the heart of Emily Blunt’s character, dancer Elise, as charismatic politician who is running for US Senate – until a scandal threatens to derail his dream. Sound familiar? Well, the film also features real-life personalities in the form of cameos from NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, amongst others, to add little bits of realism.

Loosely based on the Philip K Dick short story, Adjustment Team, the film is fast-paced, visually-thrilling and makes ladies like me look at Matt Damon in a new light. As much as he’s a guy’s guy, in this film he takes on a romantic side we don’t see enough of. Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Tupac), John Slattery (Mad Men, and who can forget him in Sex and the City!) and Terence Stamp (too many to list, but a personal fave is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) are slick as they make up the Adjustment Bureau. The film asks questions about fate and free will, and how much sway we as human beings going about our daily lives really have. All in a thrilling ride though the city of New York as you’ve never seen it before!

I can’t believe it was a few months ago already, in the height of winter, that I traipsed off to find the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Upper West Side to meet Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and Anthony Mackie, and interview them about the movie. It was great to chat to Matt about all the issues the film brings up. He’s such a down to earth kinda guy, and he believes fate plays a big part in his life, because it lead him to meet his wife. Eight years ago, he was meant to be filming the comedy Stuck on You in Hawaii but they changed the location to Miami Beach, and when he and the crew went into a bar there, he met his future wife behind the counter.

See, fate can help you win that movie star!

The Adjustment Bureau releases in South Africa this weekend.

Check out the latest issue of GQ for my interview with Matt Damon, in which he also talks about his upcoming film with SA-born director Neill Blomkamp.

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