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Fastest Film SA – Shotgun Garfunkel


The record for the fastest film ever made currently stands at 11 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes, from script to screening. It’s held by a team of over a thousand people in Kolkata, India, for creating a 2-hour 3-minute feature called Sivappu Mazhai. For the past 11 days, a group of South Africans has been trying to break that – by setting a new world record, and, it seems, creating a funny buddy comedy in the process too.

While we’ve all been sleeping, eating, and leading our normal lives (okay, so maybe mine’s not that normal), production houses Team Best, Localala and Ghost Sheep have been working for the past 11 days on this feat. The restrictions of the project meant that it didn’t have a name or a concept, or characters, or story-arcs or even a solitary page of dialogue at the beginning, because none of these were allowed. But as the trailer shows, those elements have all come together for the film, called Shotgun Garfunkel, centering on a group of friends on the quest for an epic night out. “Let’s go jolling” may also just be some classic FLWs (Famous Last Words).

Shotgun Garfunkel screens at the Bioscope in Joburg on May 11th.

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