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Entertainment Express: Woody Allen, The Wolverine, Lady Gaga, JJ Cale, Orange is the New Black


* Even though the acclaim means little to him, Blue Jasmine has earned Woody Allen the biggest box-office debut of the his career. The movie, starring a simply marvelous Cate Blanchett, opened on limited release to around $613 000, in the US this past weekend. It showed at just 6 theaters, but that will increase to 60 this weekend and then to 1000 by August.

* Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine gave the X-Men franchise its sixth number one debut at the US box office, with about an estimated $55 million in takings.

* Lady Gaga is easing back into the world one photo frame at a time. The singer revealed a shot from the music video for the new single, Applause, off her forthcoming ArtPop album. Seems the time spent recovering from her hip injury has led her to re-think a few things about the album, and about being ‘open’ to the public.

* He’d influenced some of the biggest names in blues and rock music – from Johnny Cash to Eric Clapton – and on Friday, J.J. Cale died in San Diego at the age of 74. May he rest in music heaven.

* Is it still considered binge-watching if one limits oneself to 2/3 episodes a night? That’s how I made my way through Netflix’ latest successful streaming series, Orange is the New Black, known on Twitter by the hash-tag #OITNB. It’s completely engrossing and the cliff-hanger has fans reaching out in desperation for the rope that will only come next year, when season 2 comes out.

[Pic: Sony Pictures Classic]

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